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Looking for some real deal martial arts that help you lose weight, tone up,and compete in MMA or Muay Thai Kick boxing? Look no further because MARSHALL ARTS MMA’s Muay Thai kick boxing program has what you need. Instructors at Marshall Arts MMA Academy has the experience and the expertise to train students of all levels and for all goals towards fitness, MMA fighting,and self defense. NO MATTER YOUR AGE, NO MATTER YOUR FITNESS LEVEL, NO MATTER YOUR INTEREST, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE! FOR 30 FREE DAYS of Training CALL NOW 601-316-5697


Not only will I let you train for 30 days free with no commitment to prove we are all that we claim to be! Give us a call now and get a FREE PRIVATE LESSON (a $100 value) with your FREE 30 days of training! Why would I do this? Because I believe once you see and feel the transformation after your first private lesson you will join immediately. This is a fun way to get and stay in shape while you learn self defense in one of the most deadly martial arts!

Once you see this elementary school teacher’s results in less than 30 Mins Of Her Private Lesson With Me, You Will Be Impressed By The Progression In Her Workout!!! However, She Had Never Boxed or Kickboxed Before This Lesson!!! I GuaranteeThat You Will Get Amazing Results And Have A Blast At The Same Time!!!


Train Muay Thai Kick boxing For 30 Days Free!

Understand this, our muay thai kickboxing class meets the needs of our students on several different levels, all in one package if you may. Here at Marshall Arts MMA  Academy we firmly believe that:

  1. Everyone needs to get a good workouts to promote healthy living
  2. They absolute need to be able to protect themselves so they can return home to their love ones!
    Marshall Arts MMA Academy

    Marshall Arts MMA Academy

You could get a decent work out at a health club or in a cardio kickboxing class doing the tae bo thing, or even if you like the solo workout you could do P 90x. Will you be able to protect yourself against an attacker? NO these will give you cosmetic results at best! And with no substance.

For self defense you could sign up at the YMCA for a class or your could just check out the martial arts school down the block. Will they have experienced instructors to show you what works against an attacker that is bigger a stronger that. NO! Very few schools (No Schools In Hinds County) have active fighters as instructors, so no they can’t show you what will work when your life is on the line.

Marshall Arts MMA Academy

So does a program that will get you in the best shape of you life, teach real fighting and self defense techniques, and lets you try out the program for a whole month sound like something that is worth while to check out. HECK YEAH its does. Give us a call now 601-316-5697. Along with our Free 30 days we also will throw in a free private lesson.

Call now:  601-316-5697